Max Jamali is an award winning fashion photographer and creative director, based in Dubai and Toronto with his work showcased in Toronto, NewYork, L.A., Paris and Dubai.

He has been active in photography since 2008. With his background in painting and music from the age of 12, photography was a great platform to continue expressing his artistic talents as a career. He started his creative career as a hospitality photographer, where he mastered the tricks of lighting before transitioning his creative focus to fashion photography in 2011. 

2010 ... he started applying those techniques to creative fashion photography which resulted in his first glow in the dark gallery.

2011 - 2015 ... the main focus of Max Jamali Studio. has been on creative directing fashion infused projects as well as working with Toronto's top modeling agents to create the most effective portfolios for new faces some of whom are becoming thee biggest names in North America. 

2015 ... Max Jamali hosted his second gallery by collaborating with the renown Jessica Gorlicky and entered one of the original photographs from the series - Vibrant Vibes - in exposure awards contest which won the fashion category and was included in the exposure awards show at the Louvre Museum, Paris.

2015 - 2017 ... Within the same year, he started focusing on creative direction for corporations and creating unique corporate projects that combines modern fashion touch.


2017 ... Associating Luxury, Photography and Exotic Leather, Max Jamali created Exotic Brush exclusive art pieces that assert his creativity a luxury domain.

Using Exotic Leather to create a unique sense in each art piece, Max Jamali created a very unique modern avant-garde concept that combines deep colors and exotic textures.